What Sarie Kessler Says

Sarie Kessler is the controversial former head of the Education Department. She’s also an outspoken advocate for higher standards in education. But like many who have worked at the top level, she was thrust into controversy when she took charge of a department that had been undergoing massive reforms, and which was looking to modernize its operations Kessler found things to be challenging when it came to connecting with teachers and students. “It’s difficult for anyone who has constantly been accused of being a disciplinarian,” she said in an interview with The Hill last week. (She has denied those charges.) “If you are part of a department that is trying to change its ways, you are being bombarded with questions about your authority and how much authority you have.” That’s especially true while trying to keep up with new technology and cut costs, she added. “When you have spent most of your career as the head of a department, people will ask if you can do no wrong.” That all changed this summer after Sarie Kessler told The Hill that she set out on a mission to make positive changes in education one teacher at a time. Her team began working on Common Core State Standards in classrooms across the country — not just within her department — and they implemented them almost overnight, leading some teachers to question whether all of this reform work would be worth

What Sarie Kessler Says

“It’s almost like the ‘Year of the Defiant’,” she said. “People are asking, ‘Where does she (Kessler) fit in?’ I want to be the one who is sitting in the middle of this revolution and is trying to help.” That’s what she hopes to do. “I want to be a part of this change,” she said. “In a difficult environment, when people are looking for someone to lean on for advice, I want to be the one who is opening up the lines of communication and letting people know that we’re all on the same page.”

Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards are the brainchild of states, the federal government, and the American teachers’ union. They replaced the more traditional Common Core, which was being phased out as more states brought in alternative methods of learning. The standards are aimed at preparing students for college and the workforce by making reading, math, and writing easier and more consistent across the country.

Why Sarie Kessler Is So Important

The Common Core has been a lightning rod for criticism and debate for years, partly based on its origins as a set of guidelines for standardized test reforms. But its main purpose, as far as many people are concerned, is to help improve reading, writing, and science in our schools. The best-selling author Lily trilogy has written numerous books about the Common Core, and her latest book is the most-read blog on the entire internet. The most common complaint many have about the standards is that they are too strict, but those complaints are beside the point. The key thing to understand about the standards is this: they are not authoritative; they are not 100% reliable; they are not 100% accurate; and they are not easy. In fact, they require a significant amount of work for students and school districts to bring about true proficiency.

Her Take On The Common Core

As a longtime critic of the standards, Sarie Kessler is well aware of the criticism they have generated. “I have always felt that the Common Core was flawed and that it needed some work. The best way to get in touch with those who are still struggling with the standards is to read up on what is happening in the field,” she said. “As for me, I will not be changing the standards, because they are not right for our state or our culture.” The standards are not an attempt to replace the existing system; they are meant to help ensure that every child in our public schools has the proper skills and is prepared for college and the workforce. Yes, they improve reading, writing, and mathematics, but the real purpose is to prepare students for college and the workforce. (The biggest change will be the way that students are expected to earn a living through their education.)

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