Security Consulting Services Florida 2022

Invictus Consulting Services

Invictus security consultants can assist your business establish a safe and secure environment that is resistant to today’s threats.

Our experts have been certified Protection Pros CPP(r)) and/or PSP (physical security professionals PSP(r)) via ASIS International Our team provides our customers with the most effective security solutions to secure their assets.

We offer the best security solutions which are affordable and effective to reduce risks.

Invictus security experts are skilled in identifying security vulnerabilities and threats and developing countermeasures to mitigate the danger.

Invictus security is able to create custom security plans and programs which are specifically tailored to the security needs of your company.

Our security solutions include the following: risk as well as Security assessments as well as security program design as well as security technology design security training along with risk and security management senior security services.

The choices that you make now will ensure your company’s security for the future.

Our services will allow you to be more confident of the steps you take to safeguard your personnel as well as your property and goodwill.

Security Consulting Services

Invictus Consulting Services

  • Risk Assessments
  • Security Evaluations
  • Security Training
  • Executive Protection
  • Cyber Security
  • Security Surveys for Residential Security Surveys
  • houses of Worship and Churches
  • Physical Security Design
  • Designs RFP’s (Security Technologies and Guards)
  • Design of Security Policy and Procedures
  • Emergency Management
  • Security Guard Services

Security Program

Security assessments are a part of the risk assessment process. It involves an assessment of the physical property policies and procedures and security procedures.

Our team will discover weaknesses and assess the level of security needed through suggestions that can help enhance the security of the property overall.

The assessment consists of an analysis of the security profile currently in place depending on the property’s location and its vulnerability to criminal activity, threats as well as security breaches that have occurred in the past as well as its physical layout and layout.

The goal is to create a security program that is appropriate to the requirements of the company and reduce risk by the process of assessing security.

Our team strives to suggest effective security measures that are cost-effective and yield a greater ROI.

A security plan should include the people, processes, equipment and technology into a physical security system that provides security-in-depth to protect assets.

Security Training Program

The ability to execute the security plan correctly, it requires the training of staff. The officers must get a security permit which is based on a training

program that teaches security guards in the fundamental duties of security. Site training is vital to ensure that the employees follow the security policy of the company in a clear manner.

It also provides assurance and accountability for the guard force’s operations. Our team will create an online program of training in accordance with the company’s security plan , which will include tests.

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