Top 5 Trending Bandhani Dupatta Designs.

Dreamy drapes, whimsical prints, and exquisite works if you are looking forward to enliven your outfits with styles and look, then a Bandhani Dupatta is the right piece of fabric you surely need in your wardrobe. Once used to be the popular stable wear you can easily find in your mom’s wardrobe. With the continuous change and fusion in the fashion industry, these bandhani bandhej dupattas are again reigning in the fashion industry with their gorgeous material and designs.

For some, it might be the piece of fabric that you can wear to elevate your look, but it may be more than that for some. Pure Bandhani Dupatta is one of the prominent and essential women’s wear representing Indian culture & Its popularity dates back to the time of Indus valley civilization, where it was a sign of pride, culture, modesty, and one of the most crucial attire for both men and women. 

These bandhani dupattas are one of the biggest rage when it comes to complementing your accessories. The beautiful dotted or pinched pattern on the fabric itself has its fashion statement. These dupattas are easy to experiment because it can be worn throughout the year because of its breathable and comfortable fabric.

Trendy Ways to Style your Bandhani Dupatta. 

The beauty of these compliments comes out perfect when matched with Indian Ethnic wearNowadays, with the influence of western wear, people are also experimenting these bandhej dupattas with western wear also. 

A definite styling of these dupattas is necessary if you really want to glam your look. Below, we will discuss some of the popular ways to wear bandhani dupattas. 

  • Wearing Bandhani Dupatta as traditional Odhani  

Bandhani artwork is famous in the parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. One of the most traditional ways to wear a bandhej dupatta is “using it as an odhani.” Those handprinted designer bandhani dupattas with fantastic bright colors enlighte your ethnic look. 

  • Match with Your Jeans and Leggings 

Suppose you are going for a casual get-together. In that case, this is something which you should try. Bandhej dupatta with Kurta and jeans is undoubtedly a perfect blend of traditional and ethnic wear. Drape the dupatta around your neck if you love to create a more dramatic look. 

  • Bandhani Dupatta with Salwar Suit. 

One of the most used style statements nowadays is wearing your salwar suit with the colorful bandhej dupatta. You can create a variety of looks with the help of pinning your dupatta to your salwar. 

  • Create a Unique Saree Look 

You will embrace your saree look after trying this method. Just wear a solid color saree, take a colorful bright bandhani dupatta and make it rest on your shoulder, and this will add your saree to the perfect look.

5 Bandhani Dupattas to add to your wardrobe.

You can create bandhani dupattas outfits for evening parties to social get together anywhere. Available in various designs and fabrics, you can wear them any time of the year. Here is the Best Bandhani Duppata to buy right now online in India. 

  • Bandhani Dupion Silk Dupatta 

With silk’s royalness and flowing pattern designs, this Bandhej dupion silk dupatta is ideal for wearing in the winter. This heavy bandhani dupatta is a perfect match for your wedding wear outfits during winters. Blend of Wedding lehenga and the bandhani dupattas for the bride perfectly to showcase the look. They come in multiple colors and various design options.


  • Bandhani Gharchola Zari Dupatta Gaji Silk

It is another popular dupatta that is famous for its ethnic look. Made to perfection these bandhej Gharchola zari dupatta made of Gaji silk will add glitz to your traditional outfits. Variants of Red and Orange colors are most popular among women for these dupattas. 


  • Bandhani Georgette Dupatta 

Another popular dupatta made with compassion and patience is the Bandhej Georgette dupatta. It is made up of georgette; the fabric is light and breathable. You can easily drape this dupatta all year around. 


  • Gaji Silk Ajrakh Bandhani Dupatta 

These dupattas are made by combining two of the most famous artwork of Kutch. The bandhani “Tie and die art “and the Ajrakjh “Wooden block printing technique “. The work required a lot of hard work and was mainly done by experienced artisans. Who has been doing this for generations.


  • Banarasi Bandhani Dupatta.

It is hard to forget the banarasi bandhani dupatta. These dupattas are among the finest dupattas available in the market. Banarasi bandhej dupattas are famous for the silk which is used in preparing these dupattas. The work on these dupattas gives a royal look, and you can complement it with your wedding dress. 


Where to Buy Bandhani dupatta online? 

With the increasing popularity of these bandhej dupattas, more and more people are interested in them. Usually, it is hard to find these dupattas in every region of the country. An authentic bandhani dupatta is entirely handmade by the artisans of the Khatri community. 

Since everyone can’t visit Gujarat just to buy these bandhej dupattas. You can look in on for the purchase of Bandhani dupatta online. Kutchi bazaar is an e-commerce portal that mainly deals with handcrafted ethnic wear of Kutch. The Sajid Khatri undertakes all the bandhani work at the Kutchi bazaar. He is responsible for production of all bandhani dupattas of kutchibazzar. His father was the winner of bhandani art for the year 1991. All the work today he is doing is being tought by his father. He says that bandhani keeps himself rooted with his community and identify. 

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